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Alahna Nicolas Biography


Alahna Nicolas is a REALTOR,  entrepreneur, author, and speaker. Growing up, she always knew that I wanted to do something impactful. She loves the thrill of solving problems and volunteering. Alahna Nicolas endeavors to provide her clients with a professional, personalized, and pleasant experience, whether reading to the kiddos or working in Real Estate. Distinguished by an entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude, Alahna approaches each transaction with efficiency & enthusiasm. She relishes the thrill of problem-solving and meets the many challenges that often occur during escrow head-on and with composure, fidelity & acuity. Alahna's mentor once advised her to "Learn a little about everything, and you will find out a lot about life." She often calls upon this mantra when meeting new clients. Give Alahna a "must-have" or "wish list" property criteria, and she'll commit herself to exceeding your expectations. Alahna delights in the opportunity to help people put a check next to one of their most valued goals concerning family and homeownership!

I am Now Selling in Summerwoods! #MIHOMES

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