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New Release

Lana Dana is Afraid to Move (2022)

Lana Dana is moving and has some serious questions! This story is about a mother comforting her daughter as they prepare to move to a new home. Life changes can be complex for children, and Lana Dana explores these concerns through a child's eyes.


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Her book Lana Dana is just the cutest little read. I can't wait to share it with my grandkids

Alahna has always been creative. Leave it to her to tie real estate to children's books. But that's just the essence of her spirit; she's a problem solver for sure!

Excellent, Professional.. Since day One.. Alahna kept her word, showed alot of care for me and for the buyer.. Alahna cares , she is honest, caring and respected... Please consider her for all your real estates transactions.

Kind words, go a long way!

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About Reading & Real Estate  AlahnaNicolas

Reading & Real Estate; it's my way of tying my two passions together. In my first year as a REALTOR, I met children who were so nervous about moving, including my own. We were in the process of moving ourselves, and my children had concerns. Some were silly, but all were valid. Children don't think about REAL Estate and Moving how we feel about them. So I wanted to find a way to make moving and Real Estate conversations easier for parents to explain the process. I came up with the series using characters from a previous book that would walk through those feelings and create a space for parents to have honest conversations about transitions and new life experiences, i.e., new home, new school, new friends. Starting a new career as a Real Estate Agent at Living Vogue Real Estate, I'm' glad I can bring a familiar love of reading to my clients and their kids or grandchildren!

I am Now Selling in Summerwoods! #MIHOMES

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