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"Freedom Is Not Free"- Alahna Nicolas

As we sit and enjoy the breeze, do we ever pause, just freeze, think of the cost it takes to breathe. Many soldiers have fought the fight, so you and I can enjoy the night singing praises , dancing in the sun. The cost of that was; a mother losing her son, a daughter who would cry for her father, never to walk over the threshold again, watching his ashes blow in the wind. A child will miss his mother tonight, never again hearing the soft whisper "I love you goodnight" while tucking the covers tight. A husband and wife will reminisce about their lover, longing for the day they'll greet one another. Freedom is not free. It costs more than a lot.To lose a loved one, a price paid many times by those that gave their life on the front lines. While we are enjoying the beach, sinking our feet in the sand, just remember freedom costs more than a little to enjoy this land.

Written by Alahna Nicolas Memorial Day 2023

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