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The “Reading Realtor” Kickoff.

Author and REALTOR Alahna Nicolas visiting a Pre-School in Sarasota

Woo hoo! Today I finally started my journey as “The Reading REALTOR®️, visiting a preschool in Sarasota for the reading and real estate project. The kickoff to my Lana Dana is Afraid to Move title.

I was excited to be there and hear about their rooms, new changes they were experiencing, and how they perceived change and adapt to it. After reading, I asked the children what they thought about their current rooms. Most of them said, “they were comfy”, “ cool” and “they just enjoyed the private space to themselves”.

The children viewed their rooms as a safe place. I read an article that said, A child’s room to them represents safe place. It’s set up for their success and allows them to explore themselves extensively. After we chatted a little they told me about their rooms, I was curious to know how they felt about leaving their space.

What would happen if they had to move or if they had to switch out for a new one or share it. They didn’t like that idea at all! Still they were able to convey how they felt about it; that they were not afraid of new things because some of them were already adapting to some changes, such as having a new brother a sister that was about to enter into their life.

They actually welcomed it because they had been talking to their parents about the new transition-which brought me to my next point.

I wanted to know what they thought about change how they received changed knowing that they were about to get new siblings, or move. Majority of them were okay with the transition because their parents had prepared them for what was about to take place.

They enjoyed new friends, schools and having new teachers even if it made them nervous.

All in all the visit to this school was amazing and very insightful! I was able to get inside scoop. I learned what the kids thought about their personal space. They gave me examples of current changes that they were experiencing and how they felt about them.

Meeting with this kids confirmed what I already knew. Thst they are resilient and they adapt easily to change; as long as they are included in the process it helps put their little minds at ease. Mission Accomplished!

Janet Lansbury- Yes Space. What They Really Are and Why They Matter. Publication: June 25, 2021

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