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I did a thing!

Success is subjective and whether or not your achievements are ones that come packaged with you as a millionaire or simply just getting out of bed getting your day started. What ever the endeavor it should come with a high level of pride.

On the outside I'm seen as confident; without fear, but it's so far from the truth. At my essence I'm truly shy. This month I wanted to challenge myself. I decided to be a part of Glamour of the Gulf Fashion Show for Woman's Council of REALTORS as a model and well. I conquered all of the fears and anxiety. I told myself "Alahna, it's your time."

My post is simple today. Live it up! Be your authentic self. Go when you're scared.Go when your sad. Go when you're glad. Just keep going. You are a masterpiece and the world can't see it if you're hiding!

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