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Kids and Moving!

We all know how difficult moving can be, challenges can range from packing to unpacking. I realized some time last year that if it’s overwhelming for parents, then children must experience some levels of stress as well.

What started as just a creative

process to writing a fun book turned to valid concern. I read an article where David Black Ph.D., a pediatric neuropsychologist, stated, “Kids can act out when moving by voicing complaints of headaches, upset stomachs, and revert to baby talk”.

I learned that when making big life changes, it's necessary to include your kids, validate their emotions and share that you are having “butterflies” as well. This comforts them in knowing they aren’t alone.

Working as a Real Estate agent, I notice, often kids are absent from showings and final walkthroughs.

I think it’s essential that they're included in these steps; it helps them feel like they're a part of the decision and makes a perfect opportunity to familiarize them with their soon-to-be room and community. When we bought our first home, it was essential for me to have them there as much as I could. We had a lot of memories in our old home.

It was essential for me establishing fresh memories early, so they wouldn’t feel like they were leaving all the good stuff behind.

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