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Sarasota Rising

Ready to Move?

Photo by Kim Seng

Welcome to Sarasota, Florida! Running along the west coast as No. 1

best to retire and No. 2 in fastest growing cities; Sarasota is set to call in

all snowbirds and real estate investors.

With their hot attractions like historical art, fine cuisines, sunny and sandy beaches,

Sarasota is more than just a town for leisure but a place to live a luxurious laidback

lifestyle. With home developments rising in Lakewood Ranch and million-dollar condominiums along the beach the housing market is soaring.

Sarasota invites in more than juts investors. With its vibrant art scene and institutions

for higher learning. The city attracts youngsters keeping it friendly, eccentric, and

popular amongst age groups.

Ready to buy?!

Alahna Nicolas, REALTOR, has helped buyers from around the world happily relocate

to warm, sunny Florida and you can be the next lucky homeowner.

Contact: Alahna Nicolas, REALTOR

Phone: 941-999-8852

Reading and Real Estate

A way of bridging two passions together. Often, Real Estate agents meet kids all the time who are nervous about moving. So, it inspired a path to make moving and Real Estate conversations easier for parents to explain the process. What came up was this series using characters from a previous book that would walk through those feelings and create a space for parents to have honest conversations about transitions and new life experiences.


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