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Saturdays Green Light

Fresh smell of cut grass, a multi colored sunrise and good joe in my cup.

This morning is definitely a green light!

I’m reading this book titled Greenlights written by Matthew McConaughey. In the book, Mr.McConaughey discusses situations that end up working in your favor good or bad “GreenLights”. This morning I decided to sit with a few of mine.

As I’m laying here this mornin’ I got to thinking about my own journey and life. You know, doing some reflecting on my blessings and how many of them were disguised as failure, hurt and pain. But after dissecting my misfortunes I discovered it was a set up to my Greenlights!

Every bad thing that happened to me wasn’t intended for my end but some sort of reshaping for a new beginning . Kind of annoying that “aha moments” are usually reactive to situations that almost take you out. I am learning to embrace failure because it has indeed been my key to unlocking the next levels of life.

Something about pain that makes you want to study the cause so hard you never have to experience it again, so you cut off whatever stifles your growth.

What I’m saying is, take the lemons and make lemonade. Find the beauty in your journey and have gratitude for the destination.

It’s never to late to catch a GREEN LIGHT; eventually red and yellow ones turn green!

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